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Investigative Parenting

In a world of anonymity, it is harder than ever to keep our children safe from unseen predators!  Computers and cell phones provide our children with high-speed connections to a host of people we cannot see or control.  Would you ever let your 12 year old girl go over to play at a 38 year old man’s house?  The thought is ridiculous!  And yet we purchase her a cell phone and a laptop. 

The internet is a universe of anonymity!  You can be anyone you want to be.  That is a scary thought for a parent of an online child!  So how do we protect them?  We cannot ban them from using the technology of our day just as we cannot truly monitor their use of said technology.  Sure we can install parental controls but that only blocks what they look at and not with whom they are communicating.

In order to keep our children safe, we must become Investigative Parents!  I came accross the  term Investigative Parenting just a few months ago and it has really stuck with me!  I have long been wrestling with how to protect my children in this new world we live in while still allowing them to experience life. 

Investigative parenting is the answer!  I will talk more about what that means in a moment but first let me say that it certainly does not replace our constant vigilance in what our children are doing online or on their cell phones (which is quickly becoming the same thing)!  We should always keep an eye on what our children are doing and with whom they are doing it.

Investigative parenting is a way to watch out for our children without their even being aware of it.  Public records services provide the perfect answer.  Did you know that, armed with only a cell phone number or even an email address, you can find out a ton of information about a person?  I have done a ton of research into the available services and now if you send me a cell phone number I will likely be able to tell you that person’s name, address (including step-by-step directions), if they own a home, how much their mortgage is, how much their second mortgage is, who their neighbors are, if they have ever been arrested, etc, etc. 

That is some powerful information.  Do you ever worry about the parents of your children’s friends?  Is it hard to send your child on a sleepover?  You can talk to the parents all you want but what does that really tell you?  Instead, you can spend less than 10 minutes and find out a world of information about them.  Sounds a bit creepy but honestly, my child’s safety is worth it.

Now, instead of worrying about who is calling my daughter’s cell phone, I just find out for myself.  Rather than worry about her friend’s parents, I do a little investigative parenting and find out all I need to know about them!  And the great thing is, my daughter doesn’t have to know anything which really helps our relationship… you know how kids are about their parents watching over their shoulder!

Anyway, I have spent a lot of time researching all the available public record services and have found a review site ( in which the top available products in areas such as Reverse Phone Lookups, Reverse Cell Phone Lookups, Reverse eMail Lookups, Criminal Records Checks, Background Checks, Sex Offender Registry checks and more are reviewed and ranked. 

Don’t leave your children’s safety up to chance.  Join the investigative parenting movement and take charge of your child’s safety today!

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