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How To Run A Background Check On Yourself.

Right now you are either happy to have finally found the answer you were looking for, or you are wondering why on earth someone would want to run a background check on themselves.  For those of you in the first group, you can skip over the next section since you already know why you are here!

There are several reasons why running a background check on yourself is a good and sometimes crucial thing to do.  Here are some examples:

  1. You made a few minor mistakes when you were a teenager but never got your record expunged.  Now you are applying for college or that first critical job where they are going to run a background check on you.  You are concerned that your “adventures” will show up on the report.  You want to know for yourself what will come up so you can take the steps necessary to get your juvenile record expunged (if necessary).
  2. You have been the victim of identity theft and are concerned that some criminal charges may now be linked to your identification.  You need to know for sure what is now associated with your good name so you can clean things up.
  3. You are curious to know what information is available about you to anyone else with a credit card.  You decide to see what your background check comes up with so you can decide if you need to take steps to protect some of your more sensitive information (there are ways to remove yourself from some of the public records databases).

These are just a few of the many reasons why you might need to run a background check on yourself.  So how is this done?  Well, in our modern era, it is really simple.  Honestly, the most crucial step in the process is finding the right service for your needs.  Online background checks have become big business.  There are thousands of sites claiming to provide background checks.  Many of them are legitimate businesses but, as with every online service, scammers are out in full force trying to take your money.

Online consumer protection sites will help guide you to the best services.  These sites provide product reviews and usually rank the available services so you will know which product they found to be the best. is such a site.  They thoroughly test online background check sites and then pass their results on to you.  They even provide an extra satisfaction guarantee on top of the end service.  If you have a problem with a site they recommend, and the provider is not resolving that issue, will contact the site on your behalf to ensure you are satisfied.  Believe me, they pull a lot of weight as no company wants to be removed from a review site listing!!!

Once you have chosen your background check site, the rest is simple.  Each site provides various search fields such as Name, Address, Phone Number, Date of Birth, etc.  Just add your information into a few of the fields and click the search button.  Next you will be presented with a results list which allows you to identify that you have found the correct “you”.  From there, a fee is required prior to accessing the actual report data.  Once you have paid, you can then see the entire report.

If you get stuck, the background check sites recommended by all offer customer support that can help guide you through the search process.

Good luck and happy searching!

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