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Is There Someone Else?

When you first meet someone that you really fall for, it is hard to think rationally.  That’s why they say, “love is blind”.  Everyone has met someone that turned their world upside down.  That feeling is simply incomparable.  You feel like you’re walking in the clouds, you’re happy, excited and you feel like your’re 16 again.  You find yourself smiling at nothing at all and you are so caught up in the way you feel that you wouldn’t know it if the world stopped turning.  However, how do you know if that person is really who they say they are?

Did they give you their home phone number or is it just a cell phone number that you have?  Have you been to their home?  Do they ever have to leave suddenly when the two of you are right in the middle of something?  If you stop and think about it for a few minutes, does it feel as if they are hiding something from you?  Do you have an unsettled feeling when the date is over?  You don’t want to think of the possibility of this person lying to you or being involved or, God forbid, married already.  However, it happens every single day.

If you are unsure, there are a few things you can do to tell whether or not it is alright to continue on or if you need to have caution.  Pay attention to the person.  Do they act like they have other things to do?  Are they always checking the time or do they always have to leave suddenly?  If so, they may have lied to their families and have given themselves so much time to spend with you before they have to return to their ‘other lives.’  Have you met his or her family?  If they have offered to let you meet their parents, siblings or other family, chances are they are not already involved.  If it has been quite a while and they still haven’t offered for you to meet their family, you might want to use a bit of caution.

You do not have to take a risk.  There are ways to find if you are safe in the relationship. is a consumer review site that details the top investigative products on the market.  With these services, all you have to do is enter their phone number or their address and you can find out all kinds of useful information.  You will find out their home phone number and address if you don’t already have it.  You can find their marriage or divorce certificates so that you know if they are married or not.  You can find out if they have ever been charged with a crime and much more.  This is one great way to ease your mind.  If they are not married, perhaps it is just a fear of commitment or something else keeping them from having you over to meet their family.  Either way, at least you will know that you’re not contributing to the pain of someone else.  If you are in doubt, follow the advice and tips above so that you won’t have to worry and wonder any longer.

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