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Making Sure Mr. Right Really Is Mr. Right

I have heard so many stories lately about innocent women (and men) who found out shocking things about their partners after months in the relationship… things that, had they known originally, would certainly have kept them from ever getting involved with that person to begin with.  It is a sad statement on our society!  It makes me scared to ever let me daughter date anyone… ever!

But of course I cannot keep her from dating… nor should I.  Just because there are a few bad apples doesn’t mean that the whole bushel is spoiled.  There are so many wonderful men and women out there.  The trick is finding them, and knowing for sure that you did indeed find them.

The age of the internet has brought about some seriously amazing capabilities never even conceived of when I was young.  The ability to run online background checks is one of those things!  I honestly believe that divine providence was involved in the creation of these sites as they provide ammunition against the depraved evil that is out there trying to decieve innocent people.

Are Online Background Checks Immoral?

There are some who would answer “yes” to that question.  I for one would disagree whole-heartedly.  Online background checks are simply a tool to uncover that which should not be covered up in the first place.  If someone is a registered sex offender, they must disclose that before dating a single mother of two young children.  If someone has a criminal history of spousal abuse… that should be disclosed.  It doesn’t matter that it is in the past… we are a summation of our past experiences. 

Online background checks allow us to know for sure who it is we are falling in love with.  We can know, without a doubt, that they are who they say they are and that there is nothing significant in their past that you don’t know about.  In the beginning of any relationship, all the cards should be put on the table anyway.  Both partners should openly share who they are so that true love can exist.  If you go into a relationship with significant secrets, you will never achieve true happiness and love.  There will always be something missing.

How To Conduct An Online Background Check

It may sound difficult but it is honestly about the easiest thing you can do on the internet. First of all, here is how these businesses work… The background check companies first gather tons of public data (most of it they must pay huge fees to access) like cell phone records, criminal records, court records, marriage records, etc. Then they build search interfaces (web sites) that allow users (you and me) to be able to easily search through the billions of records they have made available.

Here is the basic process for conducting a successful online background check:

1. Gather some basic information about your partner or perspective partner such as first and last name, cell phone number or address.  I say “or” because you can conduct a successful search with only some of this information.

2. Logon to the online background check site of your choice (recommendations to follow) and enter what data you have into the provided search fields.  All the services we recommend allow you to search on a variety of different facts.

3. Once you pay a minimal fee (usually less than $25) you will be presented with a full report on that person including their criminal history (even includes arrests and in most states juvenile arrests once they turn 18), court records (ie. bankruptcy, marriage records, etc), address history (including mortgage details (how much they owe on their home and how much they owe on a second mortgage if applicable), a nationwide sex offender registry check (just in case), and much, much more.

All of this is done in complete anonymity… there is absolutely no way they will know you ran this online background check unless you tell them yourself.  You can run it on your home computer as long as you have an internet connection and print the report on your own printer so nothing comes in the mail. 

Which Online Background Check Sites Should I Use?

This is where I can really help you!  The background check business is booming.  But with that boom come a lot of startup companies trying to get a piece of the pie without putting in the work (basically scammers).  You do not want to get caught paying for a report that gives you their home phone number and address… like you don’t already know that!

I recommend using a consumer review site that specializes in public record search products.  Based on their track record, we exclusively work with  They dedicate hundreds of hours to researching and testing every kind of public record search site you could imagine.  Once their testing is complete, the services that performed the best have the privilege of being ranked in the top 3 for their category.

Here is a direct linkto the online background check review where you can read about the top performing background check sites on the market.  The review will show you how they work and give you comparative data such as pricing and features.  You will easily be able to make an informed decision as to which site is right for you.  And the best thing is, your decision can’t be wrong as every site they recommend is incredible (we know that from personal experience)!

So best of luck to you in your relationship!  But if you take our advice, luck won’t be part of the equation,  for you will have taken luck and background checked it away.  You will be the smiling one, knowing your man or woman is the person of your dreams… just as you had hoped!

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