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How to Run a Background Check on Your Child’s Teacher

We live in a time of uncertainty where it is becoming more and more difficult to trust those we charge with caring for our children.  When I first considered utilizing online background check services to ensure the safety of my daughter, I felt a little nervous… Was this an invasion of that person’s privacy?  After much thought, I came to the conclusion that my daughter’s safety is more important than anything and outweighs all other factors.  Plus, all a background check service does is search databases full of public record information… stuff we have a legal right to know!  It’s not like you are hiring a private investigator to take pictures of them or dig through their trash (both of those are legal but start to cross my personal boundary into creepiness).

The online background check services I utilize are so easy to use… you don’t need any technical ability at all!  And it is completely ANONYMOUS!  The person you conduct a background check on will never know the information was accessed.  The best part is that you get to do it in your own home (assuming you have a computer with internet access) so nothing even passes through the mail… you can save or print the report yourself.

I believe this is a service that every parent should use regularly.  If my child’s new second grade teacher has a felony record I want to know about it… even if it was dismissed.  If they are being sued in court by some other parents, I want to know about it.  All of this and more is included on the background check report (if you use a valid service that is).  First I will walk you through how to run the report and then I can offer some recommendation from personal experience as to which services I think are the best.

How To Run the Background Check?

This is so simple it is almost not worth it for me to add steps but I will just so you see how easy it truly is…

  1. Gather some basic data on the teacher such as first, middle and last name, home and cell phone number, address (if possible), where they lived before (if they are new), approximate age (you can just guess on this) and anything else you might be able to learn.
  2. Login to your service (to be chosen later).
  3. You will be presented with many different search fields.  The more you fill in, the easier it will be to narrow things down until you find the right John Smith.
  4. Once you are certain you have found the correct person, you just click a button to run the report (this is where you generally are charged the fee which we will discuss later).
  5. The report will be on your screen in moments with an option to print it out at your convenience.

How To Use The Information To Help Your Child?

There are so many ways to use the information you may find through the background check.  Hopefully you didn’t find anything and you can sit back and feel completely comfortable KNOWING that you did all in your power to ensure your child’s safety.  If, however, something does show up that makes you feel uncomfortable or even downright scared, you can do several things:

  • First you need to assess the pertinence of the information.  Is it serious enough for you to take action?  Always remember when going through this process that it is your child’s safety on the line.
  • If you feel that the information warrants action, the first thing to do is approach the principle with the report in hand.  It is possible that they are unaware of information you found.  Take the burden of action off your shoulders and put it were it belongs.  But certainly request to have your child moved to a different class if you feel it is required.
  • In some cases, the information you find is serious enough that you would feel more comfortable having your child moved to another teacher but not bad enough to threaten the teacher’s career.  In this case, just go to the principle and request a change.  You can tell them that there is a personality mismatch or even that you have some information, which will remain confidential, that is prompting this request.
  • Again, the most important person here is your child!

How To Find A Reliable Service?

There are so many good and bad options out there.  I have my personal favorites but they may not fit your specific needs.  I have spent the last 7 months researching and testing background check services for an online consumer review site (  I tell you this so you know that I have personally tested many different products and you can move forward with confidence on any product recommended by!  I think the best thing for you to do is simply check out the top 3 background check services.  You can read all about them by clicking here.  These three services are the best you can find.  Each company has access to over 3 billion records.  And one really important point is that the report you run will be nationwide.  That way you don’t have to be concerned with not finding someone’s record if they used to live in another state.  Once you find them in the system you will have their entire address history, court records (marriage, bankruptcy, law suits, etc), criminal record in any state (even juvenile offenses can be listed), and most important, nationwide sex offender registry search!

In the end, it is all about the safety of our children.  Making sure their teachers are not predators in disguise should be the responsibility of the school system.  But we all know that too many bad teachers fall through the cracks.  We must take it upon ourselves to ensure that our children are completely safe while at school.  We have the tools at our fingertips to ensure that no predators slip through the system where they can have contact with our kids!

If you have any comments, questions or concerns about this article, please feel free to email me at

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