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Best Online Background Check Site of 2013!

I am so excited to write about a background check company I just finished testing for the consumer review site  My experience has been so amazing that they instantly shot to the top of my recommendation list.  The site is  Now, just because I recently found them does not mean they are a new company.  On the contrary, has been providing high-end people search and other advanced search services, such as background checks, since 1994.

One of the most impressive testimonials to the power of came from CBS News 60 minutes.  In August of 2007, 60 Minutes ran a segment called, “Lost and Found” which documented the need to find relatives for children in the foster care system.  They focused on a 13 year old girl who had been in foster care her whole life.  The state considered this young girl to be a “cold case” due to their inability to find any blood relatives.  60 Minutes accessed and, starting with only the birth mothers first and last name, age and a city they think she lived in, they were able to find over 40 relatives in less than 2 hours.  You can read the full article and watch the 60 Minutes segment here.

Another validation of the power of is a Wall Street Journal article entitled, “Investigating Online Private Eyes” which compared 4 of the most popular online background check services.  The author, Jane Hodges, ran a background check on the same individual using each site and then compared her experiences.  She stated that the results from were, “the most detailed in terms of delving into our subject’s history”.  You can read the entire Wall Street Journal article here.

My personal experience with them has been impressive.  They were kind enough to provide me with a sampling of each of the different types of default searches they provide.  These are People Search, Reverse Phone Lookup, Email Search, Social Network Search, Property Records, Criminal Records and Background check.  When testing I always run reports on the same set of individuals so as to best compare the experience and results with other providers.  In every instance, outperformed their competitors.  I can honestly say that theirs is the most user-friendly service I have yet encountered.  Their website is very simple unlike others that have so much content it can be difficult to figure out how to do anything.

As you can see from the image to the right, the home page includes easy to access tabs for the default search options. You are then given the option to enter some basic search criteria such as First Name, Last Name and City/State. The only required field is Last Name but the more you enter the better chance you have of finding the person you are looking for.  They also do allow you to search using a Social Security Number.

Once you have entered your basic information you simply click the “GO” button at which time you are taken to a screen with a list of possible matches.  This list may be fairly long as it will include anyone who matches your search criteria.  But ensures you run your report on the correct individual by including additional identifying information such as their age, places they have lived and people with whom they may be related.  Once you find your match,  you simply click the “Get Your Report”  button and off you go.

If you have need of assistance, provides live phone support which is a rarity in online background check companies (most provide email support only and response times can be lengthy).  They are friendly and professional in assisting you in any way possible.

Their pricing structure is extremely competitive with a basic background check costing only $14.95.  They allow you to customize the information you want included in the report which allows you to save money by not paying for data you do not need.

In short, is by far the best online background check site I have yet encountered!  You can confidently use their services knowing you will be satisfied with the results.  You can read a full review of this amazing product at

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