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Do You Need a Free Background Check?

Is there a way to run a free background check?

So the most frequent question I get asked is, “How do I run a background check for free?”.  My response has always been, “It is not possible”.  And that has been the truth… until now.  Under normal circumstances, background checks cannot possibly be free and I would advise everyone to be extremely skeptical and suspicious of any site advertising any type of background check for “free”.  Most everyone who asks me about free background checks tells me that they have seen them advertised all over the internet but when they follow the link, they are required to pay.  It is frustrating to see how many dishonest advertisers there are out there just trying to lure you in with false promises of a free product that does not exist!

So how is what I am about to tell you any different from all those other advertisements?  Well, you will easily be able to tell for yourself.  A new background check company called has launched a very innovative approach to online background checks.  They provide a very easy-to-use interface and the results are posted instantly.  They operate on an unlimited background check model meaning they are a subscription based service which allows you full access to their entire search capabilities for a set monthly fee.  So how is this free? Well, they offer a 7 day trial of their service for free.  This week-long trial is the only way you can currently run a background check for free. And, as the offer lasts for a full 7 days, you can run as many background checks as you want so it is really an amazing opportunity!!!

I personally signed up for the free trial and was very impressed with what they have to offer.  First of all, their interface is unlike any I have worked with.  It is very graphical and easy to use and understand.  I also love the fact that your results are instantly available (I waited around a minute for the results to post on average).  I was literally able to run as many background checks as I wanted any time of the day or night.  They also have some great features that allow you to monitor people for changes to their background checks.  A list of the background checks you have run is maintained so you can easily go back through the results you have already accessed.

How is the quality of the data?

One of the biggest complaints I hear about background checks is that there are mistakes in the data.  This goes for all of the low-cost online background checks.  This is due to the fact that the information these sites access ultimately originates from thousands of sources and some data entry errors will occur.  There also is always the risk that data will be crossed between two users with the same name, from the same town.’s data is comparable to most other online background check sites.  In my testing, there certainly were some mistakes but, for the most part, the data was accurate.  I really liked they way they specifically handled criminal history data.  They list the results in three categories: Likely Matches, Possible Matches and Unlikely Matches.  Likely matches are criminal records with the exact same name and date of birth as the user you are searching on.  Possible matches may only have a matching name or variation of the name with the same date of birth.  Unlikely matches would include same name but different or missing date of birth.  This allows you to personally assess how accurate you feel the data is.  The great thing about a free trial is that, if you are not happy with the results, you can just cancel without any cost.  With any other site, you will pay regardless of whether or not the results are satisfactory or not.

How does the free trial work?

So here is how the free trial works.  You go to the site and enter the name of the person on whom you wish to run a free background check.  A list of possible matches will be displayed with identifying information so you know you have the correct person.  Then you will be given the option to “View Details Free” which, if you click the button will bring up a form to create an account.  In order to sign up for the trial, they will ask you to enter a valid credit card.  That does not mean it is not free!  This is a necessary step as they must ensure you are at least a potential customer.  They do not bill your card for anything during the trial though you may see a $2.00 charge that is then reversed.  This charge is a way for them to make sure your credit card is valid.  No actual charges are made unless you decide to continue with the service in which case you will start being billed after the trial period has expired.  After your account is verified, you can login and begin searching away.  Please note that, if you do not want to be billed for this product, you must make sure to cancel your subscription prior to the end of the 7 day period.  They have a toll free phone number (1-866-956-6279) to help you in processing your cancellation or to help you with any questions about the product.  They will even help you with a search if you are having trouble.


I realize that, in the end this is not a truly free product.  But, through the generous free trial program they offer, it at least provides you a way to perform a free background check whereas with other sites that is not a possibility at all.  If free is all that matters then this is really the only option available at this time.

Note:  If you are in need of a high end background check and are willing to pay, then please visit to read reviews of the best available background check sites.

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