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Saving Small Business Through Online Background Checks

If there is one thing that all small businesses have in common, it is a heavy reliance on their smaller workforce.  Employees know each other more personally, the business is generally regarded as a second family.  Each employee matters more, has a greater overall impact on the business as a whole. 

In a larger business, if an employee ends up stealing from the company, it definitely has an impact but not nearly as much as it does on smaller businesses (unless we are talking about CEO bonuses…).  A single person can destroy a small business while only creating a small blip on the radar of the big boys.  Consequently, small business owners must take greater care in hiring the “right” people and in making sure they remain the “right” person for the job.

In order to be employed at any major company, an in-depth background check is performed proving that the individual is who they say they are and that there is nothing in their past or present which could negatively impact their job performance.  These reports are expensive but big business has learned that the payoff is worth the cost.  Look at it as shoring up an investment.

Small business has an even greater need to screen potential and even current employees due to the disastrous impact a single person can have on their company.  But smaller businesses rarely have an HR department to oversee such things.  Due to the amount of time it takes and the cost involved in running background checks, they are rarely done.  This has to change!

With advancing technology come new and improved services in all areas of life.  This is even true for Online Background Checks.  The public record search business has increased dramatically over the last few years.  New web sites offering reverse phone lookups, background checks, People Locators, criminal record searches, etc. are popping up every day.  The competition is intense and consequently, the services are getting really good.

Now, armed with just a name or even a cell phone number, small business owners can run a full background check on any prospective employee in less than 10 minutes.  It is extremely easy and fast.  But not only has heavy competition improved the overall services, it has also dramatically reduced pricing.  Background checks historically have been very expensive, costing upwards of $100 or more.  Now, some sites are offering unlimited background checks for as little as 19.95 per month.

In today’s marketplace, small business owners can hardly afford not to avail themselves of these services!  The only issue is in knowing which ones to use.  There are literally hundreds of sites offering the “same” services but are they truly the same?  Review sites such as have found an alarming disparity in sites proporting to offer identical services.  It takes time, money and know-how to adequately test and compare all of these offerings.  Review sites are dedicated to the consumer… to making sure they know what they are buying ahead of time.  Review sites are also often able to access preferred pricing for the sites lucky enough to receive a positive recommendation. 

Online Background Checks are a must for smaller companies.  They offer the security that small business owners need when hiring a new employee.  Don’t just hope or assume that prospective and current employees are who they say they are, find out for yourself.  Limit your risk by investing in the security of your company!  Visit today for a listing of the top rated Online Background Check services on the market!

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