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How to Cancel Your Inteligator Membership

I wanted to add a quick comment prior to you reading further.  I have received literally hundreds of comments on this article.  Unfortunately, nearly every comment is some variation on a request that I cancel someone’s inteligator account.  Let me again clearly state that I DO NOT OWN INTELIGATOR!  I wrote this to help people who are confused as to how to cancel their subscription.  For those of you who wish to share a comment at the end of this article, I welcome you!  But please do not ask me to cancel your subscription as I have no way of doing this for you!  Now, on to the article…..

I have had many people ask me how to cancel a recurring membership with Inteligator.  Let me first say that in my opinion, none of the “unlimited” background check services are worth much.  Background checks cost too much to produce for a company to offer unlimited access for basically the same price as a single decent report.  Bottom line, this goes back to the common statement that, “You get what you pay for”.  If you are serious about needing a background check, then you ought to be using a service that charges on a “per report” basis. 

In regards to inteligator, I have noticed that some overly aggressive salespeople (in no way affiliated with this blog or me personally) have failed to mention that this is a recurring billing program.  Even though the fact that this is a product that bills customers on a monthly basis is clearly stated on the checkout page, many people have not seen or noticed that information.  They do not realize they are being billed monthly until they see the charge on their credit card a month or two down the line.  This creates some very unhappy customers!

So, for those of you seeking to cancel your subscription to Inteligator for whatever reason, let me walk you through the process.  But before I d0 so, allow me to again clarify that I DO NOT OWN!  I chose to write this article as a personal courtesy to the many people who have come to me seeking advice on how to cancel their monthly subscription to the Inteligator Unlimited Background check plan.   I am not exactly sure why everyone isn’t simply asking Inteligator directly.  But either way, I am happy to do all I can to help people understand what they need to do.  No one should ever face a situation where they purchased an online product or service and then have no idea how to return the product or cancel the service. 

As for the cancellation procedure itself, this has changed several times over the last couple years so you should be sure to visit Inteligator’s “Terms or Service Agreement” page  in order to make sure you have the most accurate information.  Following is some pertinent information from that page:  

Terms of Purchase
 Payment of fees for purchases of InteliGator services must be made with either a valid credit or debit card (Payment Information). If your Payment Information is insufficient, or not accurate, current, and complete, and you do not notify us promptly when such information changes, we may suspend or terminate your account and refuse any use of InteliGator.
You may choose to purchase a 3, 4, 7 or 14 day trial to InteliGator’s Basic or Advanced membership. If you decide to cancel within the trial period, you will only be
charged the trial period fee. To cancel during the trial period, contact InteliGator within the trial period by sending in your cancelation request to  Please note that trial period fees are billed in advance; we will not refund the unused portion of your trial period. 
Following the trial period, your membership fees (Fees) will be billed to the credit or debit card provided as part of your Payment Information on a one-time yearly or monthly recurring basis, depending upon your chosen membership level.
Inteligator has recently also provided a specific page on their website to assist their customers through the cancellation process.  You can access that page by CLICKING HERE.  According to what I read in Inteligator’s documentation, you must submit your cancellation request 24 hours before the deadline of either your trial or the beginning of your next billing cycle in order to avoid further charges.  Personally, I think this is a bunch of garbage!  You should never be required to submit a request to terminate a service 24 hours before the deadline!  They should allow you to submit your request anytime prior to the actual deadline but that is how they do it so be warned! 
I hope this information helps and welcome any comments, suggestions or questions.  If you are serious about running a background check then visit for reviews of the best, most legitimate background check providers on the internet.

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How to Run a Background Check on your Nanny

For so many of us, it is an unfortunate reality that we cannot be with our children as much as we might wish.  Life demands so much of us and the need to keep our children safe and cared for often forces us to trust others with that care.  I am intimately aware of the worry that constantly eats away at you when someone else is caring for your child… especially when that child is too young to tell you about how things are with their caretaker.  You do all you can to ensure that you hire someone who will be kind and caring.  But how can you truly know who that person is?  What do they act like when you are away?  Is there anything in their past that, if you were to know about it, would keep you from hiring them? Continue reading

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How To Run A Background Check On Summer Camp Employees

It’s that time of year again…  When we send our young ones off to summer camps so we can get a mini summer break for ourselves.. oh, and so they can learn new things and make new friends as well!  Some of my fondest memories from childhood surround those few weeks I would spend at various camps.  Unfortunately, I also remember some pretty scary camp employees!  We live in a time of uncertainty where it is becoming more and more difficult to trust those we charge with caring for our children.  In today’s world, it is very hard to feel totally at ease when sending your child to any summer camp, whether it lasts one day or even two weeks.  How do we keep our children safe when they are away? Continue reading

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Making Sure Mr. Right Really Is Mr. Right

I have heard so many stories lately about innocent women (and men) who found out shocking things about their partners after months in the relationship… things that, had they known originally, would certainly have kept them from ever getting involved with that person to begin with.  It is a sad statement on our society!  It makes me scared to ever let me daughter date anyone… ever! Continue reading

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Is There Someone Else?

When you first meet someone that you really fall for, it is hard to think rationally.  That’s why they say, “love is blind”.  Everyone has met someone that turned their world upside down.  That feeling is simply incomparable.  You feel like you’re walking in the clouds, you’re happy, excited and you feel like your’re 16 again.  You find yourself smiling at nothing at all and you are so caught up in the way you feel that you wouldn’t know it if the world stopped turning.  However, how do you know if that person is really who they say they are? Continue reading

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How To Get A Criminal Record Expunged or Sealed.

How to get a Criminal Record Expunged or Sealed

Having any kind of criminal record can have dire long-term consequences.  It can prevent you from getting a job, from being accepted to school, from adopting children, etc.  But mistakes made in our past don’t necessarily need to haunt us for the rest of our lives.  In many cases, a criminal record can be sealed or even expunged.  This in turn may allow you to legally never mention the conviction again (unless you want to work for the F.B.I. or something). Continue reading

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How To Run A Background Check On Yourself.

Right now you are either happy to have finally found the answer you were looking for, or you are wondering why on earth someone would want to run a background check on themselves.  For those of you in the first group, you can skip over the next section since you already know why you are here! Continue reading

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Reverse Email Lookup: Recommended Sites

Of all the public record search products, reverse email lookup is one of the most difficult to find.  Not many companies offer this service and to be honest, the results success rate is lower than with other products.  The reason is that so many companies like Yahoo and Google allow users to easily create email accounts based on phony credentials.  But that is no cause for concern as the reverse email lookup sites recommended by have a “No Hit, No Pay” policy. Continue reading

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How To Run An Online Background Check On Your Politicians!

I have been working with online background check products for a long time now. I evaluate them for the purpose of identifying top products for the consumer review site
I also have great interest in the welfare of our country and have long been concerned with the status of our increasingly corrupt political environment. I have often wished that there were a way to demand greater accountability from our “leaders”.

As part of my testing of public record search products, I conduct random people searches to make sure that the product is able to access the amount of data it purports to access. I was testing a popular online background check tool when I got the bright idea to try and run a background check on President Obama. I mean, his information is a matter of public record the same as anyone but I guess I assumed it would be somehow hidden or protected. Wasn’t I surprised when up popped his recent address history, his home telephone number (unlisted in normal phone books) for his Chicago area home, a listing of his neighbors, what he paid for his residence, etc. etc.

I got very excited! I had never dreamed that these products could be put to such good use! So I started running background checks on other politicians like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, my local governor, mayor and others. In each case I was able to uncover an amazing amount of information. These reports are very thorough! They are able to uncover criminal records, sex offender records, marriage records, divorce records, address history, unlisted phone numbers, relatives and more. Just think what you could accomplish with some of that information!

Most of our leaders are able to maintain a certain level of anonymity. That is wrong in my book! If they want to be a public servant, then the public should have access to them! I am so tired of all the criminals that hold public offices. Now I don’t mean to say that they are all crooks but the trend of corruption is disturbing!

The internet provides real power to the people! We can make sure that those we are voting for, or against for that matter, are being completely truthful about themselves. We can use the power of the internet to find out everything we need to about our potential or current leaders without having to rely solely on what their “image consultants” tell us through supposedly neutral network news channels!

All you need is a name to get started and you can uncover a wealth of information! If you want to run an Online Background Check on your politicans, visit for access to the highest rated public record search products on the market.  Each one is thoroughly tested and guarantees results.

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Saving Small Business Through Online Background Checks

If there is one thing that all small businesses have in common, it is a heavy reliance on their smaller workforce.  Employees know each other more personally, the business is generally regarded as a second family.  Each employee matters more, has a greater overall impact on the business as a whole. 

In a larger business, if an employee ends up stealing from the company, it definitely has an impact but not nearly as much as it does on smaller businesses (unless we are talking about CEO bonuses…).  A single person can destroy a small business while only creating a small blip on the radar of the big boys.  Consequently, small business owners must take greater care in hiring the “right” people and in making sure they remain the “right” person for the job.

In order to be employed at any major company, an in-depth background check is performed proving that the individual is who they say they are and that there is nothing in their past or present which could negatively impact their job performance.  These reports are expensive but big business has learned that the payoff is worth the cost.  Look at it as shoring up an investment.

Small business has an even greater need to screen potential and even current employees due to the disastrous impact a single person can have on their company.  But smaller businesses rarely have an HR department to oversee such things.  Due to the amount of time it takes and the cost involved in running background checks, they are rarely done.  This has to change!

With advancing technology come new and improved services in all areas of life.  This is even true for Online Background Checks.  The public record search business has increased dramatically over the last few years.  New web sites offering reverse phone lookups, background checks, People Locators, criminal record searches, etc. are popping up every day.  The competition is intense and consequently, the services are getting really good.

Now, armed with just a name or even a cell phone number, small business owners can run a full background check on any prospective employee in less than 10 minutes.  It is extremely easy and fast.  But not only has heavy competition improved the overall services, it has also dramatically reduced pricing.  Background checks historically have been very expensive, costing upwards of $100 or more.  Now, some sites are offering unlimited background checks for as little as 19.95 per month.

In today’s marketplace, small business owners can hardly afford not to avail themselves of these services!  The only issue is in knowing which ones to use.  There are literally hundreds of sites offering the “same” services but are they truly the same?  Review sites such as have found an alarming disparity in sites proporting to offer identical services.  It takes time, money and know-how to adequately test and compare all of these offerings.  Review sites are dedicated to the consumer… to making sure they know what they are buying ahead of time.  Review sites are also often able to access preferred pricing for the sites lucky enough to receive a positive recommendation. 

Online Background Checks are a must for smaller companies.  They offer the security that small business owners need when hiring a new employee.  Don’t just hope or assume that prospective and current employees are who they say they are, find out for yourself.  Limit your risk by investing in the security of your company!  Visit today for a listing of the top rated Online Background Check services on the market!

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