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How To Run A Background Check On Summer Camp Employees

It’s that time of year again…  When we send our young ones off to summer camps so we can get a mini summer break for ourselves.. oh, and so they can learn new things and make new friends as well!  Some of my fondest memories from childhood surround those few weeks I would spend at various camps.  Unfortunately, I also remember some pretty scary camp employees!  We live in a time of uncertainty where it is becoming more and more difficult to trust those we charge with caring for our children.  In today’s world, it is very hard to feel totally at ease when sending your child to any summer camp, whether it lasts one day or even two weeks.  How do we keep our children safe when they are away? Continue reading

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How to Run a Background Check on Your Child’s Teacher

We live in a time of uncertainty where it is becoming more and more difficult to trust those we charge with caring for our children.  When I first considered utilizing online background check services to ensure the safety of my daughter, I felt a little nervous… Was this an invasion of that person’s privacy?  After much thought, I came to the conclusion that my daughter’s safety is more important than anything and outweighs all other factors.  Plus, all a background check service does is search databases full of public record information… stuff we have a legal right to know!  It’s not like you are hiring a private investigator to take pictures of them or dig through their trash (both of those are legal but start to cross my personal boundary into creepiness). Continue reading

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Using Reverse Cell Phone Search For Security Reasons

 In years gone by, private investigators were able to call in some favors at the phone company and find out who owned a particular phone number.  Police have always been able to obtain this information if necessary.  The ability to search for the owner of a landline phone has been available to the public for years, but only recently has reverse lookup been extended to cell phones.  Because the databases necessary to make this possible are in control of the individual cell phone service providers, obtaining this information is not free.  But, for a modest fee, the information available would stagger your mind!

So why do people use this technology?  There are many reasons, some of which are simple conveniences.  But there are some very serious reasons why this service may benefit you.  For example, in some cases, people use reverse cell phone lookups to identify and stop prank callers from harassing them continually.  In most situations, these prank callers are simply misguided kids thinking they are having fun.  But in some cases, it’s more serious than that. 

Sometimes a prank call is just one step in a series of harassment or threatening behavior that is only seemingly harmless because of the anonymity of the prank caller.  While some may view a prank call as an irritation, others are truly terrorized by the idea of a stranger calling to determine if they are home or to disrupt their peace of mind.  By using reverse cell phone lookup, you can strip that veil of anonymity from the caller.  This takes the fun out of it for those who think it’s fun, and gets the serious callers a step closer to being caught by law enforcement officers.

Another serious benefit of reverse cell phone lookups is in determining who your children are speaking to on their cell phones.  In most cases, especially if parents and children have good, open lines of communication, this will not be a big issue.  But in the circumstance where a parent feels their child may be keeping something from them, or perhaps the child has been in trouble before, a parent may feel the need to keep a tighter hold on the leash, so to speak.  By checking out your child’s phone friends using a reverse cell phone search, you have the opportunity to cut off ties between your child and an unwanted associate.  Or, you can use the information you receive to open up a dialogue with your child, helping them reason on the pros and cons of associating with so-and-so.  Although the effort involved is potentially extensive, the results in this case are more than worth the effort.  So, in both cases, reverse cell phone lookup capability offers a huge benefit in resolving potentially serious situations before they get out of hand.

For in-depth reviews and rankings of the top reverse phone lookup sites, visit

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Can we protect our children from things we don’t understand?

How can we protect our kids from what we ourselves struggle to understand? This high tech world is changing so quickly it can be a daunting task just to try and keep up with the latest and greatest! Our kids, however, were born into this world and seem to have an inborn ability to adapt to and easily understand every new technology. Blogging, texting, surfing, social networking, etc. These are all amazing new technologies but they also provide new and creative ways for predators to go after our children. Investigative Parenting is the best way to protect them!

We must use “high tech” means to protect our children against “high tech” predators. Armed with just an email address or a cell phone number you can find out a ton about with whom your child is communicating. Public Records searches, Background Checks, Sex Offender Registry searches, Criminal Background checks and Reverse Phone Lookups are just a few of the available online services that exist to help us protect our children. The problem is that there are so many sites offering these types of services and many of them are honestly scams that have you pay for information you could get by simply “googling” the person’s name. Unbiased review sites offer the best option for finding the public records search site you need. contains all the latest reviews.  It is dedicated to the review of all the major Public Records Search sites. I use these services to ensure my child is safe. It gives me great peace of mind that I can privately check up on her friends parents or anyone she interacts with online. My daughter is worth every effort I make to watch out for her! You can easily become an Investigative Parent too!

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Growing Concern Over the Safety of Cellphones for Children…

Quoted from

Growing concern over safety of cellphones for children – International Herald Tribune

The above article addresses parenting fears surrounding how cell phone use may have an adverse effect, through radio-frequency electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile telephones, on the developing brains and tissues of children.  Scary stuff if you ask me.

While all this may prove to be true, I am currently more concerned about the other dangers facing young children and even teens.  The dangers I am referring to have nothing to do with physical harm generated from actual use of the phone itself.  –Next thing you know, we will be telling little boys that if they “play” with their cell phones too much they will grown hair on their hands… or will it be hair on their phones?  Hah!  Of course, that would never work as every teen alive would love to have a hairy cell phone… their whole lives revolve around hair so bring it on!

The fear I have is with the vulnerability of younger children with these connections to the universe. At a minimum we must have full transparency into their phone usage. As investigative parents, we must know the identity of every single person on our child’s calling list.  If, with my daughter, I were to simply ask her to tell me the identity of everyone on her phone list, she would have one of those…well… whatever they are calling a “hissie fit” these days! 

So, instead of creating a rift in our trust-based relationship by asking her to tell me everything, I will take the higher road by “borrowing” my cell phone that I am lending to her and then use it to do some serious Investigative Parenting! 

I start with her phone’s contact list.  But the names associated to the numbers are jiji or molo or trev… not a great start!  So who is jiji and jolo?  Well, now we start getting serious.  You see, mommies and daddies are becoming just a little high tech too and we are starting to at least grasp this amorphous internet thing that is everywhere and nowhere….. yikes!  Back to high tech parental dominance!  Next we need to find the best reverse phone lookup site.  But we see thousands of different options and it is hard to be clear if there is a difference between a regular reverse phone lookup and a reverse cell phone lookup.

But wait… if there’s one thing we adults know how to do when high tech comes a knockin’  it’s to grab a print copy of our favorite paper, sit in our chair and refused to speak to anyone for 10 minutes while we regain our grasp on manhood!  No… we do the smart thing and that is allow others to do all the exhaustive research involved in finding the best reverse phone lookup sites which include cell phone registries. 

So off we go into the cloud that is the internet and we happen upon my favorite little Public Records Review site,   The great thing is they are totally dedicated to the public records search arena (huge marketplace!!!) so they have some in-depth knowledge to freely share with us.  We know we want reverse cell phone lookup so we hit their site and conveniently find 3 top rated and reviewed reverse cell phone lookup options.  Pricing appears to be very competitive with each product so we decide to go with the number one choice and even upgrade to their Unlimited plan for a year.  That means we can do all the reverse phone lookups we want for an entire year (and YES they do cover cell phone registries) for less than 40 dollars.  We pat ourselves on the back for our astute money saving tactics!

We are saved… or our children are saved I should say because we fought our fears, used our tools and spent a little time and money.  We did a little Investigative Parenting and it paid off.  Now I am totally sure that no 44 year old, 280 lb. man named Chucky has been calling my daughter pretending to be a cute little 12 year old girl from the next town over. We are relieved and at peace because we know that, at least now, her cell phone is the special tool it should be… letting her talk, talk, talk with her girlie friends for hours on end while we parents work, work, work so we can afford her cell phone bill!!!

God bless our kids and God bless us so we can protect them long enough so they can, one day, take care of us in our “feeble years”!  Maybe they will even give us a cell phone to use when we move back in with them.  They might have to just do some Investigative Parenting of their own then…

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Investigative Parenting

In a world of anonymity, it is harder than ever to keep our children safe from unseen predators!  Computers and cell phones provide our children with high-speed connections to a host of people we cannot see or control.  Would you ever let your 12 year old girl go over to play at a 38 year old man’s house?  The thought is ridiculous!  And yet we purchase her a cell phone and a laptop. 

The internet is a universe of anonymity!  You can be anyone you want to be.  That is a scary thought for a parent of an online child!  So how do we protect them?  We cannot ban them from using the technology of our day just as we cannot truly monitor their use of said technology.  Sure we can install parental controls but that only blocks what they look at and not with whom they are communicating.

In order to keep our children safe, we must become Investigative Parents!  I came accross the  term Investigative Parenting just a few months ago and it has really stuck with me!  I have long been wrestling with how to protect my children in this new world we live in while still allowing them to experience life. 

Investigative parenting is the answer!  I will talk more about what that means in a moment but first let me say that it certainly does not replace our constant vigilance in what our children are doing online or on their cell phones (which is quickly becoming the same thing)!  We should always keep an eye on what our children are doing and with whom they are doing it.

Investigative parenting is a way to watch out for our children without their even being aware of it.  Public records services provide the perfect answer.  Did you know that, armed with only a cell phone number or even an email address, you can find out a ton of information about a person?  I have done a ton of research into the available services and now if you send me a cell phone number I will likely be able to tell you that person’s name, address (including step-by-step directions), if they own a home, how much their mortgage is, how much their second mortgage is, who their neighbors are, if they have ever been arrested, etc, etc. 

That is some powerful information.  Do you ever worry about the parents of your children’s friends?  Is it hard to send your child on a sleepover?  You can talk to the parents all you want but what does that really tell you?  Instead, you can spend less than 10 minutes and find out a world of information about them.  Sounds a bit creepy but honestly, my child’s safety is worth it.

Now, instead of worrying about who is calling my daughter’s cell phone, I just find out for myself.  Rather than worry about her friend’s parents, I do a little investigative parenting and find out all I need to know about them!  And the great thing is, my daughter doesn’t have to know anything which really helps our relationship… you know how kids are about their parents watching over their shoulder!

Anyway, I have spent a lot of time researching all the available public record services and have found a review site ( in which the top available products in areas such as Reverse Phone Lookups, Reverse Cell Phone Lookups, Reverse eMail Lookups, Criminal Records Checks, Background Checks, Sex Offender Registry checks and more are reviewed and ranked. 

Don’t leave your children’s safety up to chance.  Join the investigative parenting movement and take charge of your child’s safety today!

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Investigative Parenting in a High Tech World.

Our high tech world is fraught with hidden dangers.  One of the internet’s largest benefits (and dangers) is its ability to make us anonymous.  That can provide you with a great sense of security but where our children are concerned, it raises some major concerns.  I mean who wants their 13 year old daughter to have a 37 year old best friend named Chuck (no offense to all the Chucks out there…). 

As parents, we have the responsibility to protect our children.  I like to call it “Investigative Parenting”.  This internet thing brings with it anonymous dangers but at the same time it provides us with several tools that can aid us in protecting our children from all the “Chucks” out there (again, sorry Chuck.  You are probably a really nice guy)! 

Armed with just a cell phone number or an email address, you can uncover tons of information about someone.  If you send me a cell phone number I can provide you with step-by-step driving instructions to that person’s home, tell you if they have a second mortgage, detail any criminal history, etc… all in a matter of minutes.  Imagine the power that brings in the battle against online predators!!!

The problem is that most parents are not aware that such services exist.  And on top of it all, so many scams have popped up that people have become gun-shy (for lack of a better expression) in their use of public record search sites.  But believe me, there are some amazing search sites out there.  They focus on background checks, criminal records, court records, reverse phone lookups, reverse email lookups, etc… and some sites even offer unlimited searching on all these categories at once. 

If you want to safely check out all these investigative parenting services, go to .  There are detailed reviews of the top  products in each category along with a top 3 ranking of the best sites available.  In fact, is currently listing a Public Records search site that is providing an introductory rate of less than $5.00 for Unlimited Searches

Review sites take the risk away from the consumer and this site has some great information.  Some other good public record review sites are and

Become an Investigative Parent today!  It is cheap and easy and so worth it!!!

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